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We are the best dachshund breeders in the Alpharetta, GA area.

About Brownwood Farm

About Us | Brownwood Farm - Alpharetta, GA

We started Brownwood Farm to be able to provide people with the horses and the dachshunds they’ve always wanted. As members of the United States Equestrian Foundation and the Atlanta Kennel Club, we are the perfect people to guide you into the world of horses or dachshunds.

Our dogs are always purebred. We want to make sure that the dachshund breed remains strong and pure and that can only happen by breeding the highest quality dogs. We have a passion for this breed, and with all of our expertise, we have a good idea of which ones have a future in the show ring, if that’s what you would like.

We know how expensive keeping a horse can be, and horse boarding is probably the most expensive part of that. We decided, then, to make sure we offer great horse boarding options at prices that are reasonable and competitive. We want to give all our clients the chance of being able to buy and keep their own horses in a great, safe area at all times. We also host many different horse shows throughout the year, so if that is something you are interested in, be sure to contact us.

Why look any further for a place to board your horse or a place to buy your next great dog? Turn to us at Brownwood Farm in Alpharetta, GA and let us show you what we can offer!