Dachshund Breeding

We are the best dachshund breeders in the Alpharetta, GA area.

Dachshund Breeding

Dachshund Breeding | Brownwood Farm - Alpharetta, GA

Getting a great dachshund puppy in the Alpharetta, GA area doesn’t have to be hard if you turn to us at Brownwood Farm. We are dedicated to breeding the best dachshunds in the area so that you can have the dog you’ve always wanted.

Dachshund breeding is not simple. It requires lots of time and effort to make sure that our puppies are healthy, so we want to find the best homes for them. We charge standard fees for our services. When you come to Brownwood Farm, you can get the best puppy possible.

• Guaranteed Pedigree—All of our dachshund puppies come from pedigreed adults, so you are guaranteed your dog will qualify for the show ring if you choose to go that route. Our dachshund breeding program keeps the puppies purebred for this reason.

• Excellent Health—We have a great veterinarian who stops by often to keep an eye on the puppies and the whole dachshund breeding operation. This means that the puppies you buy will always be in the best health, unlike many other places from which you buy dogs.

• Best Prices—A purebred dachshund is not a cheap animal to buy. Since you do want one that has the right pedigree, you will be spending a bit more on the puppy, but we keep our prices as low as possible.

Our dachshund breeding program in Alpharetta, GA makes finding the right dog for you an easy task. We keep our puppies clean and well fed at all times and make sure they get the exercise they need to survive and thrive. The only thing they are missing is a permanent home and that is something you can provide for them. Stop by Brownwood Farm today to learn more about our dachshund breeding program!